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Perfect Skin Secrets

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Here are a few factors which might be causing your problem skin:

1.  Stress

2. Hormonal Imbalance

3.  Nutritional shortcomings

4. Existing skin infections/problems

5. Improper routine/incorrect products

6. External elements like pollution and smoke


What you put in affects your skin as much as what you put on.  By taking the following supplements you can avoid the problems altogether:

Fish Liver Oil – Vit A + D (preferably Vital)

Helps to keep your skin fresh and clear. Products like Roacutane use Vitamin A to solve skin problems but at a high cost to your health. By taking a smaller healthier dose, in the form of a supplement, you can still achieve the same.  The fish liver oil also acts as a natural disinfectant so when you get some bumps or infections it will help it to clear up more quickly.  If your skin is really bad you can take three of the small ones per day till it starts clearing up.

Omega 3 + 6 + 9

Helps the skin heal and regenerate more quickly.

Ginette35 (the generic of Diane35)

For women only.  It stabilizes your hormones so zits and acne and bumps are less likely to occur. Also makes pores appear smaller.

Vitamin B Complex

Helps to fight the effects of stress and vitamin deficiency.  For fastest results Vitamin B shot can be taken – just ask your doctor or pharmacist about it.


Vichy Normaderm Exfoliating facewash – for use once bumps and zits are clear

Vichy Normaderm gel facewash – for use on affected areas (you can use the toner too but it is not a necessity

Benzac Gel – Use this at night. Will clear up zits, pimples, acne. If a reaction occurs take a piece of cotton, wet with water and use that to apply the gel.

Dalacin T Lotion – Use this every morning. It will clear up bumps and whiteheads and blackheads.

Environ Claytech Mask – Use once a week to purify skin.  It not only feeds the skin but helps to soothe it. Using a clay mask helps lift impurities and balance skin. This one is the best I’ve encountered.

Glycolic peels – Removes top layers of skin. I recommend sticking to natural fruit acid based ones.  In cases of really troubled skin you could do a series of 4, one a week, to clear the skin more quickly. I can recommend Guinot and Regim-A. The treatment removes the layers of dead skin, encourages new skin to grow and dries problem areas causing it to peel. It is also great in the treatment of some cases of scarring and pigmentation.

*A prescription may be necessary for use of Benzac, Dalicin T and Ginette35, ask your doctor or dermatologist to supply you with one.


1.  Wash your face with a facecloth. It’s great for minimising pores. Change the cloth regularly, daily if you can, so bacteria doesn’t gather.

2.  Keep a separate towel for drying you face.

3.  Only wear make-up when you have to and clean face immediately after. No matter how good the product excessive use can clog the pores. Your skin needs a chance to breathe.

4. Don’t use an abrasive exfoliator on infected areas, if you have to exfoliate only work on the areas around the infection/s otherwise you could just be spreading the problem.  When your skin is clear use a daily exfoliating wash that contains salicylic acid.

5.  Always hydrate and/or moisturise skin after exfoliating, scrubbing or removing skin cells in any way as you’ve just removed the skins natural barrier and protective layer. The more vulnerable your skin the higher protection you need from the sun otherwise pigmentation is more likely to occur. Always opt for an spf of 30 or higher.

6.  Wash your hands regularly and try not to touch or rub at or pick at the skin on your face.

7.  Keep your hair clean and, when possible, off your face.  Your hair is oilier than imagined and product you use on it may also have a reaction with your skin when in constant contact.

8.  Blot shine with tissue or blotting paper instead of powdering.

9. Don’t overwash your face, stick to twice a day.

10. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and green leafy veg.

Please note that you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist when trying new products, if something doesn’t work for you find something better.


You’re not Perfect (and you don’t have to be)

There is definitely something to be said for taking pride in yourself and your work but we place a great deal of unnecessary stress and pressure on ourselves by having unrealistic expectations and ideals.  I suppose a part of the problem lies in the fact that we live in a society where we constantly compare ourselves, weigh ourselves; and when you compare your bank account to Bill Gates (who really ain’t that great) or expect yourself to look like the model on the billboard or expect your boyfriend to be the next Brad Pitt then yes, you are setting yourself up for epic failure.


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Not all of us are destined to be the next multibillionare. The model in the window was selected from the best of the best, then she had her hair and make-up done, was styled by a professional, photographed at the best possible angle and to top it all off, retouched by airbrushing afterwards.  As for the hunt for Brad Pitt… let’s face it people, genetics was just too ridiculously kind, the rest of the men out there are normal, average looking, good kinda blokes and you should stop  judging the book by its cover anyway.

We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with what we should look like, who we should be.  Magazines and adverts tell us what to wear, how to look.  It occurs far too often that people try to no avail to be the next celebrity.  What is wrong with just being you?  You’re human, you’re imperfect and there is nothing wrong with that.  Don’t let your magazine tell you otherwise.

I’m not saying that you should stop trying to improve yourself or strive for greatness.  I’m not saying that you should sell yourself short or settle for second best.  I’m saying that you are perfectly you.  Instead of setting unrealistic expectations and wasting hours and days and weeks of your life pursuing vanity, wasting your hard-earned money on products and clothes and stuff that probably doesn’t even work anyway…  you should perhaps rather consider just loving yourself, as you are, wrinkles and cellulite included.

I’ve been a plus model for the last 4 years and one of my greatest banes has been trying to keep up that appearance.  People think modelling is a walk in the park and that all models look amazing but I tell you now that that is not the case.  It is the shallowest most fickle career on the face of the planet.  I also give you my personal guarantee that none of us look the way we look in the ads.  If I try to maintain that kind of appearance I would be wasting my life away because grooming is good but spending your life in front of a mirror is not a life well lived.

So please for the love of all that is right and holy give yourself a break. You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, none of us are perfect.  It is our individual imperfections that make us so very endearing. We are exactly the way that we should be so rather than trying to look like Angelina Jolie simply be the best that YOU can be, don’t compare yourself or your face or your nose or your hair with that of other people.  Love yourself first as you are or you will never be happy.

So go to the store without make-up, go a week without straightening your hair, I promise you… the world will not end.  Skip reading that beauty magazine dictating your life and your behaviour for a month or three and see what happens.  Look to the ads only to find the things that you need rather than let them dictate your life.  Find your own style.  Find your own look.  And in so doing find your own happiest most beautiful self.  Don’t set yourself up for failure, live each day as if it were your first, the world is your canvas and you are meant to play.  Who wants to be a carbon copy of someone else when you can be your own wonderful unique self?

xx Cinderella911

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