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Best Deals in Town (South Africa)

Shopping and doing recreational activities is fun but few of us have the funds to buy and do stuff on a daily basis.  If you use the following links you can make your money go a lot farther.  Many of these sites operate on the principle of group discounts and social buying power, bringing strangers together so they can get a discount for buying the same thing.  There are many similarities between these sites and you might find a deal you just missed on the one pop up again on another for a slightly higher or lower rate so I like keeping my eye on all of them.


The best way to enjoy and entertain yourself for your money

Every day, UbuntuDeal offers unique specials from various restaurants, beauty salons, spas, gyms, entertainment providers, shops and many more companies, at a discount of 50% to 90% off. The daily deal is on, provided that a certain amount of people buy it on the day.

The more people who buy, the more attractive the future deals they can get for you.

How it works:

  • Find your deal before it expires
  • Purchase via Payfast, EFT, bank card, ubuntudeal cash or credit card
  • Once the deal receives the recommended amount of people you receive voucher
  • Only takes place when a minimum of people buy the deal

BONUS:  You get R30 to spend with them for every friend you successfully refer after they make their first purchase.


Bringing you the freshest, the best, the most insane deals in South Africa

Dealio focusses on ‘living the high life’ products.

How it works:

  • You hear about a deal, you buy it with your credit card, via EFT, with a uKash voucher, with a PayFast voucher, or with your prepaid Dealio Cash
  • If enough people buy the deal and it goes over the minimum the deal is ON
  • Receive an email directing you to your coupon
  • You go to your My Stuff section and print your coupon
  • Redeem your voucher


Get a deal a day with YouDeal

YouDeal releases a deal a day for you to choose from, their deals are valid for longer so you have a little longer to make up your mind about a deal.

How it works:

  • You sign up and get an email daily
  • If you see a deal you like you purchase it via Credit card or an EFT transfer before the expiry date
  • Pay via credit card or EFT
  • Log into your account, access your voucher


Your Daily City Deal

CitySlicker scours your city for cool deals, exciting adventures, brilliant restaurants and luxuriously pamperlicious treatments and then puts them up for your buying pleasure. They also offer 50-90% discounts.

How it works

  • They find the best deals and email you daily
  • You select your deal and pay
  • They email you your voucher
  • You print and redeem it.

BONUS:  You get R25 to spend with them for every friend you refer who makes a purchase.


Where the deal is always on

SA Coupons sports a variety of deals to choose from.  There is no minimum amount of buyers needed in order for a deal to go through so you get your voucher immediately.

How it works:

  • Select Deal before it expires.
  • Pay with EFT or Credit Card via payfast which is a secure payment gateway.
  • Receive your coupon/coupon code which is sent directly to your inbox.
  • Redeem your coupon and enjoy your deal!


A Mob with a difference

Citymob sharing those “city insider” secret places, businesses, goods, and offers to keep you “in the know” and “on the go”

  • Sign up and receive deal offers
  • Purchase
  • Once amount of necessary buyers is reached you receive your voucher
  • Redeem voucher

BONUS:  Get R25 CityMob bucks to spend when a friend you refer makes their first purchase within 72 hours of clicking on your referral.


Discover your City for up to 90% off!

Groupon MyCityDeal

Image via Wikipedia

Groupon has multiple new and diverse deals to choose from daily.They focus on helping people discover hidden gems in their city with ridiculous specials for restaurants, leisure, spa, beauty and sport.
How it works:
  • Select your deal before it expires
  • Pay via EFT or credit card
  • You receive your printable voucher via email.
  • Redeem your voucher and discover a new side to your city!
  • Only takes place when a minimum of people buy the deal.
BONUS:  You can earn R25 Groupon credit with which to buy your vouchers by recommending Groupon to friends, relatives and colleagues who haven’t heard of Groupon. If they buy the deal you referred them to within 72 hours then you receive your R25 Groupon credit.


Rethink the way you shop

Much like ebay and bidorbuy with a few differences.  You have to purchase your bids.  The deals however are amazing, you could buy a brand new laptop for only a couple of rand.

How it works:

  • When you sign up you get 4 free bids with which to bid
  • My recommendation is that you use those bids to try and buy a bid pack
  • Failing that you can buy yourself bids
  • Then you bid in the same way you do on the other sites.
  • Each bid adds a few seconds to the timer so no-one can outfox or cheat you by waiting till the last second.
  • If you win the bid you get your item for ridiculously cheap prices (for instance one person got the Dell inspiron notebook for 84 cents… need I say more)

BONUS:  You get 10 free bids each time you refer a user that ends up buying bids.

My personal favourites that I use regularly are UbuntuDeal and Groupon.  Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.  And remember – shop responsibly. ;-)



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Useful Links for Online Networking

Some of the hottest free and functional online networking apps (in no particular order). Simply follow the link by clicking on the name of the site to check it out:



Much like facebook but slightly more elegant and with the benefit of being able to create circles to sort your friends.



Connect with friends and families, organise events, share photos and interact with others via a myriad of web applications.



Short and sweet networking application.  Fun and simple.  Connect with your friends and colleagues via ‘tweets’.



Set up networks with friends and colleagues.  Handy online CV and recommendation system.  Makes it easy to keep up with networks and job opportunities.



Nice social app for the blog lover.  Has the usual updates, photo stats,messaging systems, etc.  plus the additional perk of getting rewarded for the clicks your page gets.



Great social app for those in the entertainment industry.  Makes it really easy to connect with fellow entertainers, view each others work and support your favourites.



Allows you to create and host your own forum.  Easy to use even for beginners in the forum world.

If you have joined several of these networks and find it hard to keep updating all of them I would recommend that you manage them and your instant messengers by using the add-on – – compatible for use with Mozilla Firefox or Windows Desktop

Lost Swan

Image by Artsy Aubs via Flickr

Useful Links to Free Applications you can Download

If you don’t have the funds to buy originals and don’t want to use pirate copies here are some free software and/or free software alternatives that you can use legally.  The extra bonus is that downloading most of these programs won’t eat your bandwidth because they are small or compressed.  If you don’t have a decompression utility be sure to download one of those first.  Enjoy!

Please note:  All of these apps are free to download.  Some may however require you to register for a serial at some stage, be sure to read the instructions on the download site.

avast antivirus – free home system protection

OpenOffice – free alternative to Microsoft Office, includes all the same kind of applications

Windows Live Writer – blog writing utility that allows you to write offline and publish directly to your blog

adobe acrobat – create/read .pdf files, ebooks, etc.

winamp media player – the best mp3 player in the game

Apple itunes – for easy music file management (and no, you don’t need to have an ipod in order to use it, it works like any other music application on your PC)

Apple Quicktime – free QuickTime movie player

realPlayer – great for downloading and watching internet clips and movies.  Also has a basic video editor included.

VideoLan (VLC) Media Player –  your one stop movie and series player, especially convenient if you have various video files that won’t open in other media players

skype – for free voice and video calls, chatting and messaging via the internet

dvdfab – hassle free DVD ripping software

WinRAR Archiver – for compressing and decompressing files

WinZip – the world’s leading zipping and unzipping utility, also deals with encryptions and file compression

WinACE – better with compression that even WinZip, it’s the one you want if archives are your main concern.

Cinefx – advanced editor that lets you playback, edit, encode, animate and add visual effects.  Not recommended for amateurs.

MEF Music Editor Free – music editor and software tool

Mozilla Firefox – Free, fast, customizable browser

Mozilla Thunderbird – Free email utility, fast and efficient alternative to Microsoft Outlook

Opera 10.50 – Free superfast web browser with home page featuring multiple access windows in the same tab, site also contains smaller browser utilities for phones and small electronics

Ubuntu – Free Linux Operating System that can be used as an alternative to Windows.  It can even operate as a server.  Includes applications and services.

Knoppix – Linux system that runs from a disc without requiring installation.  Ideal for when Windows crashes or for temporary use if you simply want to experience a Linux system without having to delete your Windows Operating system.

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