L Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology, known as the biggest cult in the world and probably more aptly named the church of sci-fi-tology is unlike any religion you have ever encountered before, probably because it was written by a L Ron Hubbard, a Science Fiction writer who according to his son was a madman, a drug addict, a fraud and a vicious woman beater who aborted his own children with a coat hanger during his attempts to create the antichrist before deciding that HE was the antichrist aka Satan, the beast – 666.

If you go the the site official Scientology site however they paint a vastly different picture. Born March 13, 1911 in Nebraska they would have you believe that he was an absolute prodigy and a saint.  He grew up in Montana under the tutelage of his educated mother.  He broke in broncos and became a blood brother of a tribe of indigenous Blackfoot Indians before he was even 13 and became the youngest Eagle Scout in the US to date. They go on to elaborate about his extensive travels in the East with his father, a naval officer, and delve into his studies into psychology, maths, engineering, etc.  In a letter to the FBI Hubbard describes himself thus: “I am, basically, a scientist in the field of atomic and molecular phenomena. At least, that was my course in college. I followed this into the fields of human thought, identified an energy and produced through twenty years of research, a science of thought known popularly as dianetics.

The Church of Scientology credits him with the following legacy:-

  1. drug rehabilitation procedures employed by some 50 nations.
  2. a criminal reform program is presently at work in more than 2,000 prisons and penal institutions internationally and has produced an 80 percent reduction in recidivism.
  3. learning and literacy technology that is delivered across more than 74 countries.
  4. The Way to Happiness – a nonreligious moral code and guide to better living which has sold about 100 million copies in 90 languages in over 150 nations.

That said, here is my favourite amongst the quick explanations regarding him and the religion he founded:

L Ron Hubbard Jr., his son which I will refer to as Jr. from here on, was involved in the deep and shady under dealings of the church till he made a run for it with his wife and kids while his father was away on a trip to Australia. Jr. had to change his name in order to escape persecution from the followers of the cult.  He said in an interview with Penthouse that his father was a broke science fiction writer who 1. regularly beat women (resulting in broken teeth, bruises, lacerations, etc); 2. fed him drugs as a child by feeding him bubblegum laced with phenobarbital (a narcotic and sedative barbiturate drug used chiefly to treat epilepsy) to try and get him in touch with the dark magic he was practising and; 3. who also told everyone that the way to get rich was to start a new religion. Which incidentally is exactly what he did in 1953 when he started the modern Church of Scientology in Arizona and New Jersey after writing the book Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health which was published in June 1950.

Jr. claims to have witnessed his father performing and abortion on his mother and says that he himself was born at 6 and a half months as a result of an abortion ritual his father was trying to perform (after a party) had failed.  Despite the rituals and abortions his father had two more wives and 6 more children of whom 2 died under mysterious circumstances and one ‘disappeared’.  Even though Jr. had a lot of reasons to make a run for it he says it was the fact that his father was leaking top secret government information, like the heart of the radar, to the Russians and employing communists working against the government that finally made him break away from his father and the world they had created because it went against everything his grandfather, a good an patriotic man, had taught him.  He went on to say that fooling the masses had been a lot of fun and that his father was a wonderful and convincing public speaker but in the end he just had to get away from it all.  During a court case in Massachusetts Jr. delivered the following affidavit: “I personally know, relied specifically on my father’s represented qualifications and credentials. The stated representations are all false. He never obtained degrees from those universities, or ever served in combat. He was relieved of duty three times as being unfit, and ended up in a psychiatric hospital at the end of the war. He is a fraud and has always been a fraud.”

The FBI kept a close eye on him and his new foundation. The details are revealed in The H-Files which is a collection of files 1940-1983 that the FBI kept on him.  In March 1951 one of the agents who interviewed him described him as a mental case. According to their files he went to George Washington University Engineering School and got his engineering degree there in 1934. They also mentioned that his publishers referred to him as a mathematician and a philosopher but he does not have a degree in either and he was embarrassed by that. When war broke out in 1941 it interrupted his work but he got access to the Naval medical library by posing as a doctor. He was honourably discharged 4 years later but noted as ‘not to be readmitted’. Extracts from a personal notebook suggests that he faked an injury in order to get out of his duties.  After the war he started focussing on writing science fiction and his son recalled that he was always broke in the ’40s. Other information supplied by the FBI, including an extract from the Times Herald, seems to corroborate his son’s story:

“Mrs. Sara Northrup Hubbard, 25, charged in her divorce suit that Hubbard subjected her to “systematic torture” through denial of sleep, beatings, strangulations, and suggestions that she kill herself, “as a divorce would hurt his reputation.”

She and her medical advisors declared him insane by the time he was 40 and wanted him committed for paranoid schizophrenia. She was his second wife and incidentally he married her (having presented himself as unmarried)on 10 August 1946 but only got divorced from his previous wife in December of 1947. She asked for sole custody of their child of 13 months and said that he had abducted the child. He wrote a series of letters to the FBI in his defence, you can read them here. She later wrote a letter to the FBI and recanted her own statement but I can’t help but wonder whether she did so out of fear for her life.

In 1952 his organisation was again investigated by the FBI for mail fraud and Hubbard was reported as having delusions of grandeur. As early as 1953 the church reported the institution and asked the FBI to look into them again. They were alarmed by his ‘Handbook for Pre-Clears’ and the trend it was setting, what his motives were.

In any case I could write a book about the man, he was involved in so many shady and scandalous incidents that it almost overshadows the religion he invented.  Not the least of which being the fact that he was mentored in Freudian psychology by the same man that mentored Hitler in it. When I think of L Ron Hubbard, the founding father of Scientology, and everything I’ve read about him in the past day with regards to his religion then two words stand out- 1. Satanist and 2. Science fiction writer.  I can’t blame them entirely for following him though, as some of his work has brought about change for the better in many people. Still, he’s not exactly the guy I’d want to pick as a role model.

Hubbard claimed to have written a book after he ‘died’/had a near-death experience. It was called Excaliber (also known as ‘the dark sword’) and he couldn’t get published because it was too radical and ahead of his time. He claimed the book had a profound effect on the people he submitted it to in that they all killed themselves. He said one guy read it, walked back in, threw it on the table and jumped out of a window. He claimed that as a result he ended up locking the manuscript up in a bank vault never to be seen or read again.  Apparently it was the same principles he spoke of in this unpublished book that lead him to write Dianetics.  Dianetics was a huge success but unfortunately Hubbard wasn’t making as much money as he would have liked seeing that he had to pay tax on the money he was making via the Dianetics sensation besides which as with all fads this one was starting to lose steam.  So he redressed it and resold it to the public as Scientology which being a religion was now tax exempt.  He further capitalized by offering the 8 levels of courses which was a tremendous shift from his ‘self-help’ system in The Book (as his fans refer to it).













L Ron Hubbard himself went into hiding when his health started deteriorating and became a victim of his own mental illness.  His son says that he went into hiding because he is a living testament that Scientology does not work (they claim to be able to cure anything including cancer) and he didn’t want the world to know that it is a hoax. A long time after his father’s disappearance, more precisely Nov 10, 1982, he brought a petition to court to prove his father was dead. At his time one of Hubbard’s associates proved this false by producing a letter containing his fingerprint which was written in his handwriting using the ink the court provided.  Hubbard died a couple of years later on 24 January 1986.  The year after his death the religion sky-rocketed and was not surprisingly the year that Tom Cruise joined the cult.

Despite all of the above information I would like to remind you that most men are neither this nor that but a sum of all their parts, so I’m sure the good part that his followers put forward did exist; as did the bad part his son revealed.  But even if his son had never revealed these details of Hubbard’s life one would have to question the validity of a religion based on the story of a man with such a deplorable character, even if the story did not involve spaceships and galactic settlement.

Interestingly enough Jr., even during the times he was part of the staff, would not let his own wife and children join the cult.  With the upbringing he had it is no surprise that Jr. was no saint either and makes no claim to be that, in fact he goes into detail explaining the things he himself did in the name of the church.  He said that no student could just walk away, they would physically drag them back to continue their training and went so far as to lock a girl in a hut in the desert for weeks.  He went on to explain the connection between the dark arts and scientology and maintains that certain satanic doctrines are also a part of scientology. Most importantly that their core belief, though dressed differently, is exactly the same being ‘Do what you will’.  The Wicca religion has a similar but much nicer principle being ‘Do what you will but harm none.’ Scientology can’t include something like that because then they would be unable to practise their missives or ‘fair game’ policies.  I’m not saying Scientologists are Satanists, most of them don’t even know about their founder’s foray into dark magic or its associations to their religion.

Scientologists defend their faith with a vicious candour and a ‘fair game’ policy which entitles them to completely destroy the life of anyone who crosses them or tries publishing anything about the secret practises of their church.  Many families claim that their loved ones were either murdered (for trying to leave or leaking information) or died as a direct result of the practises of the church e.g. the purif (a extreme and dangerous detox new recruits have to subject themselves to, which includes using a sauna for 5 hours a day).  By 1994 they had tied up several people in litigation trying to stop them from publishing the truth and in doing so they earned the wrath of the public and the internet.  This has snowballed on them completely for as we have seen in the past the more you try and cover things up, the more people will want to uncover whatever it is that you are hiding.  And them more you try to silence people, the more people will start standing together and speaking up.  As a result of this little by little their hidden world has come to light.

Another core practise in Scientology is auditing. Right from the beginning a new member is constantly audited, supposedly to get rid of the Body Thetans which are clustered together and stuck to us.  Body Thetans are the spirits of dead thetans clinging to the host. The auditing process essentially involves being connected to an e-meter (device similar to a lie detector) and going through all your fears, secrets, past indiscretions as well as past lives and the lives of the Body Thetans attached to you in order to ‘clear’ the subject – all this while being recorded. A pre-clear is someone who has not been cleared. An OT is an Operating Thetan which is someone who has been cleared via auditing and is supposedly able to do anything including moving things with the mind, healing people and creating things out of nothing. They claim that Jesus was an OT.   Jr. mentioned that they liked delving into people’s sex lives first during the auditing process, focussing especially on sexually deviancies and past indiscretions because that information gave them a hold over the individual being audited.

The missives I mentioned mostly pertain to government infiltration and essentially taking over the world and eliminating all other religious institutions and governments so that the world is ruled by the Church of Scientology.  This more than anything else sends out warning bells for any religion which is aggressive at its core will, without a doubt, lead to conflict, sometimes on an epic global scale. What alarms me most is the rate at which it is growing.  Any religion which defies all others and has objectives like the ones the Scientologists have is a religion to be wary of.

As so many other religions have shown us in the past – there is nothing more dangerous than an aggressive religious fanatic. Once obsessed with a religion it is as if man completely loses respect for the lives and beliefs of others that are in contradiction to their own viewing them rather as a threat that needs to be eliminated. Hence the history of holy wars our species has and we need another one of those pretty much as badly as we need assholes on our foreheads.  As with all things balance, sound judgement and consideration for others HAVE to be applied.  In the 1993 article with Penthouse, Jentzsch, Hubbard’s right hand man, said that there were 6.5 million followers living happy lives.  When last checked this number had risen to 14 million.

Despite claims that these despicable practices of intimidation and infiltration no longer exist it is part of the core of Scientology and several of it’s more recent ‘fled’ victims have given accounts of their experiences with the cult and it’s missives to infiltrate the government.  You can read more about that on the Xenu Directory.

Excerpt from Scientology scriptures, “TARGETS, DEFENSE”
Note the date: September 24, 1987, long after “Operation Snow White”
Source: Wikileaks.org, “Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs and Frank Oliver”

In order to become a fully-fledged scientologist you have to complete a series of 8 courses – OTI-VIII, one at a time, all of which you have to pay for. You can read an in-depth account of these OT training courses as well as some original scientology documentation amongst Fishman’s Papers which contain various documents and evidence presented during the Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz court case.  It is I gather a very expensive religion to belong to. Many people find fault with this but personally I must point out that even the best of churches ask tithes and need finances in order to be able to operate so I don’t really see the problem with that. Also despite various accusations I have read in some of the articles that they will train you for free if you join their staff.

The best part about all of this is the Space opera in Scientology scripture:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia: 

“It is a basic belief of Scientology that a human being is actually an immortal spiritual being, termed a thetan, that is presently trapped on planet Earth in a “meat body.” The thetan has had innumerable past lives and it is accepted in Scientology that lives antedating the thetan’s arrival on Earth lived in extraterrestrial cultures. Descriptions of space opera incidents are seen as nonfiction in the beliefs of Scientology; they appeared in the online Glossary for Dianetics and Scientology, although they were later removed from it.

Hubbard said that the modern-day science fiction genre of space opera is merely an unconscious recollection of real events that took place millions of years ago. These events include the story of Xenu, the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy who brought billions of frozen people to Earth 75 million years ago, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs, creating swarms of disembodied alien souls known as Body Thetans. Xenu is only one element of Scientologist beliefs in alien civilizations. Such doctrines have existed in Scientology virtually since its beginning:[3] In the 1950s Hubbard wrote and lectured about civilizations such as Helatrobus, Espinol and Arslychus, and in the 1960s he introduced Xenu’s Galactic Confederacy. He described repeated instances of their using brainwashing implants on hapless beings. He also spoke of alien invasions of Earth, such as that carried out around 6235 BCE by the Fifth Invader Force, who were “very strange insect-like creature[s] with unthinkably horrible hands.”

That sums what the Scientologists refer to as Incident II nicely but I would like to give you a little more detail. Now the details do differ a little from site to site but the gist of it is this.

  1. We were all thetans, immortal beings who have existed since before the creation of time, gods if you like.
  2. There were 76 planets in the Galactic Federation and they were seriously overpopulated by Thetans.  Xenu, ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, took action.
  3. Xenu gets pissed off about something relating to his rule and the overpopulation situation. Now here the facts are uncertain as to what may have caused this but you have options: a) he imposed a tax on the overpopulated planets, the people who could not pay were rounded up and killed one by one, and/or brought en masse to teereeack (earth); b) he was about to be ‘dethroned’ and as a last act of defiance he rounded up his trusted officers (who were renegades against the people’s wishes) and had them purge the galaxy.
  4. They positioned the prisoners around volcanos and blew the whole bunch up with H-bombs.
  5. Thereafter they captured the souls with some kind of electric ribbon.
  6. The souls were then collected in clusters and implanted.
  7. The implants included 7 and also R6 – a series of images, including god, satan, modern england etc.  A process which took 36 days. The implants are supposed to inhibit our true potential and kill us if we discover the truth.  The intention being to render them servile and incapable of decision.
  8. Officers loyal to the people start a war against Xenu.
  9. Xenu is imprisoned in a mountain after the 6 year war.
  10. The Galactic Federation never recovers from the tragedy and earth is plagued by the souls of the disembodied thetans.

This information is all part of what you learn when you reach OTIII – the third in the operational thetan course.  This is top secret. Scientology followers pay a small fortune for this knowledge if they even reach that tier.  They also tell followers not yet on the tier that if they receive this information before they have completed the first two courses they will get pneumonia and die because of the implant.  Basically in all of the courses if you aren’t complete with the previous tier before moving on to the next information they claim that you will die. Scientologists deny the existence of this and will get agitated if you mention Xenu (or Xemu as some call them, having looked at Hubbard’s original note – attached beneath – I opt for Xenu).  However even the name of their modules suggest that that is in fact part of their doctrine.  The best explanation of OTIII and the information I managed to find was the fishman affidavit which contains the original documents and breaks down the information for regular people to understand. If you’re interested in OTIII it’s a must read.  Fishman also gives a lot of information on the other OT courses here.


But perhaps you will enjoy watching these videos a little more:

There exists another institution with the same beliefs who feel that everyone should receive this knowledge for free.  As they were sued and are no longer allowed to refer to their religion as Scientology, they are now known as the Freezone and needless to say these two factions hate each other.

Much as I’d like to buy into this (being an avid sci-fi fan, UFO enthusiast and all) I simply can’t write this religion up as anything other than an institution posing as a church which practises certain methodologies which are based loosely on satanic rituals + certain psychiatric and psychological techniques (mostly Freudian) + eastern spiritualism and which has been built on nothing more than the notes to a science fiction novel. Having read over most of the material I can safely say that it wasn’t even a well thought out one at that. There are certain, uhm, let’s call them ‘continuity errors’ in the story. Lets just say that if anyone with a brain read it they would notice immediately that certain facts in the story contradict one another.  For one, since he wrote this the human race has been able to calculate the exact age of the earth and that alone blows his story out of the water completely. Then there is the fact that some of the islands referred to (like Hawaii and Los Palmas) are less than 75 million years old. And then of course it is really funny that the volcanos themselves remain in tact despite the supposed H-Bombings.  It would have made an excellent science fiction novel if he had thought it through a little better.

That said, I think that most religions take certain liberties with the truth and is nothing more than a collective of people who believe in the same thing. Faith rather than fact being the driving force. In that way scientology has proven itself to be a formidable one and its followers have the right to believe whatever they wish and should be allowed to do so.

Here is another entertaining and informative video courtesy of NBC:

The Church of Scientology has also actively recruited celebrities to further the popularity of their religion.  Celebrity recruits include – Jenna Elfman, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Juliette Lewis, Katie Holmes, Jason Lee, Kelly Preston, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley  and others.  I can’t say I’m surprised that John and Tom joined as they probably already have a serious god complex (which fits in nicely with the scientology doctrine) but I can’t help but wonder what the others were thinking. The Church of Scientology does not deny that they actually have lists of celebrities, especially younger more gullible ones, who they try and recruit.

In any case :


Say what you want about Tom but at least he’s committed to something. I have to admire his enthusiasm even if I do think he might be a little crazy.



That is all from me for now, I hope you found this article informative.  In case you were wondering I didn’t set out to slam scientology but unfortunately the research all pointed in the same direction. There is still so much I could tell you but if you’re interested this article does provide you access to all of it so you can look it up yourself. I have attached some more links and information for you. If I suddenly disappear or mysteriously drop dead from pneumonia please inform the authorities. 😉

AN EXTRACT FROM OT III – Scientology’s “secret” course
rewritten for beginners by Jon Atack

OT III glossary for those who have the original materials but cannot make head nor tail of them:

7s – a set of supposed “implants”, part of the OT 3 incident.
ARC – Affinity, Reality and Communication.
ARC break – upset.
auditing – Dianetic or Scientology “counselling”.
basic basic – the earliest traumatic incident.
blow – leave.
blowdown – a sudden change in electrical resistance, shown by downward movement of the Tone Arm on the E-meter. Held to mean release of emotional “charge”.
body thetan – “a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control”.
BPC – bypassed charge, q.v.
BT – body thetan.
bypassed charge – upset stirred up during auditing but unhandled.
case – personal difficulties, the “reactive mind” and the “implants” and “body thetans” of OT levels.
C.C. – Clearing Course.
chain – a string of similar traumata arranged according to time.
charge – harmful energy stored in the reactive mind.
circuit – post hypnotic suggestion.
clear – an individual without a “reactive mind”.
cluster – a group of fused body thetans.
cognite – realize.
comm laggy – (comm – communication) hesitant.
C/Sing – case supervising, overseeing auditing sessions.
earlier similar – earlier similar incident or trauma.
exterior – out of the body.
exterior with full perception – out of the body and able to perceive fully (this is the goal of Scientology).
flat – finished.
F/N – floating needle, an E-meter reaction supposed to show that “charge” has been released from the topic being addressed.
GF 40 – “Green Form 40”, an auditing repair list.
grades – preparatory auditing.
grades IV & V – preparatory auditing.
grind – keep on going over a traumatic incident without change.
HDG – “Hubbard Dianetic Graduate”, Dianetic auditor.
implant – implantation of post-hypnotic suggestion.
Interiorization processes – designed to return an “exterior” being into his body.
item – something that bothers the individual psychologically.
itsa earlier itsa – itsa “it is a”, to find earlier realizations.
LIC – “list one 0”, an auditing repair list.
low TA – unable to face life.
meter – E-meter (Hubbard Electropsychometer). The psychogalvonometer adopted by Hubbard. A simple lie detector.
milazzo – an auditing technique used on OT 3.
none on OT 3 – no body thetans found.
one-hand electrode – soup can used as an electrode. The “solo auditor” uses two soup can divided by a piece of plastic connected to an E-meter.
O/R – overrun, q.v.
OT – “Operating Thetan”, a being who can operate independently of his physical body; who can supposedly cause events through intention (or will-power).
out of valence – behaving as if he were someone else (see “valence”).
overrun – taken beyond the end of an auditing process.
PC – preclear, person receiving auditing.
picture – mental image picture.
process – auditing procedure.
R3R – “routine 3 revised”, the procedure of Dianetic auditing.
R6 – the “reactive mind”, supposedly created by the “OT 3 implant” or “incident 2”.
Review – review auditing which seeks to “repair” earlier auditing errors.
rudiments – upsets, problems or “withholds” that prevent the individual from being attentive to an auditing procedure.
ruds – see “rudiments”.
running – going over a memory or following an auditing procedure.
S & D – “Search and Discovery”, procedure for finding who is supposedly suppressing the individual receiving auditing.
soaring TA – increased electrical resistance, supposed to indicate an inability to face a memory.
solo auditing – on OT 3 the subject audits himself.
SP – Suppressive Person. A critic of Scientology. Anyone who thinks that OT 3 is nonsense.
space opera – science fiction.
TA – Tone Arm action – change of electrical resistance, supposed to show relief of emotional “charge”.
Teegeeack – Earth.
theta bop – E-meter reaction, supposed to indicate that the thetan or spirit is going in and out of the body.
thetan – “an individual being … not a body”.
TR – training routine. Role play drill (which can be practiced to hypnotic excess, leading hallucination, euphoria, heightening of colour and sound and a feeling of floating). The most famous of these is TR 8 where scientologists shout “stand up” and “sit down” at an ashtray.
TR 1 – a drill to make sure you can be heard (and induce obedience, but that isn’t the point here).
TR 4 – getting questions answered (in the role-play drill the scientologist repeats either the question “do fish swim” or “do birds fly” sometimes for hours on end).
rim knob – an E-meter control.
triple flows – what was done to the individual, what was done by the individual and what the individual saw others doing.
unflat – not finished.
valence – an adopted personality.
withhold – an undisclosed moral transgression.

Further Reading:

The FBI’s H Files

Interview with L Ron Hubbard Jr 1983 Penthouse

Infiltration a Scientology doctrine






















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