Even Carnivores Know That Animals Are Sentient Too

Pigs behind bars

Image by Farm Sanctuary via Flickr

I stumbled across two stories in my ‘green’ mailer this morning that grabbed my attention.  These two stories made me sad because of the way that people treat animals but it also made me happy because it shows me that people are slowly but surely being made to account for their behaviour towards other species.  The mistreatment of animals is something which has bothered me for a long time. Considering how many animals we have tamed and how many species we have turned into pets one would think that most human beings would have realised that animals have emotional responses and experience distress just like the rest of us.  Since we’ve figured out the difference between right and wrong more or less the same time we bit the golden apple,it stands to reason that the average person can figure out that hurting something and causing it suffering and distress is wrong.  The people who don’t acknowledge this are generally the same kind of people who rationalise using abortion as a contraceptive because a fetus is not a person….  I’ll be honest with you.. I really don’t like those people.

Here are the links to the aforementioned articles:



As De Lange said in the one article: “Animals are sentient beings and should be shown compassion and respect.” I agree 100%.  And no, I’m not of the vegan or vegetarian persuasion.  And no, I don’t favor posting horrible pictures of animals being mutilated in order to convince people to be nice.  I do try to spread the word about the mistreatment of animals and share info when I can.  I think it is important for average people who care to stand up and speak out.  Ever since Free Range products have been made available I have stopped buying regular animal products and by-products and if I can’t afford to do so then I skip on buying meat, etc., altogether.  I can’t stand the way dairy farms treat their cows and I definitely can’t support the battery chicken industry or the guys who put their cattle in little metal boxes… I understand the need to provide the masses with a cheaper solution but I’d rather not eat than know that I basically permitted torture so that I can stuff my face.

This was winner in a logo-design competition t...

Image via Wikipedia

You don’t have to give up your lifestyle in order to be a kinder, more conscientious consumer, everything has its place on the food chain after all.  And you don’t have to refrain from eliminating pests but should perhaps take the time to consider humane means of doing so. As human beings we have been given the ability to reason and we should use our reasoning abilities more often.  We are not the only species living on this planet and we are not the only species who feels.  Animals are Earthlings too.  Perhaps it is time for us as a species to re-evaluate the way that we go about doing things.


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