Finding Goodness in Everyday Things

Dental floss monster

Image by -Kj. via Flickr

My dentist said something very insightful today (he was referring to my flossing habits but it only took me a heartbeat to think of all the profound universal applications ) – “If you don’t enjoy something then you’ll never get any goodness from it.” So ridiculously true!

Every day we do things, run of the mill stuff like vacuuming your carpet, responding to mails, going to the gym or flossing your teeth. Things we have to do or SHOULD do. Things we don’t necessarily enjoy and in some cases loathe. If we lack enjoyment of these small actions we find less goodness in life but if you look at it another way then doing these things are not joyful because we haven’t found something we like about it and therefore strive against it or procrastinate or deprioritize (yes, I just made that word up).

So.. my homework assignment for you is:

1.  Pick any three of the things that you HAVE to or SHOULD do or WANT to do regularly but don’t necessarily enjoy.

2.  Now take a moment to acknowledge any barriers you have against these actions and once you acknowledge that push it aside and try to forget all the reasons you don’t do it and all the reservations you have against it.

3.  Next visualise how this thing can improve your life, perhaps take a few minutes to do a bit of googling about the positive contributions that this action of doing will bring to your life.

4.  Think really hard about these positive aspects and try to find something that you like or could like about doing this thing that you don’t enjoy, something that could make it fun for you.

5.  Once you’ve decided what you like about it you can positively reprogram yourself.  Every time the negative thought pops into your head – push it out with the positive thought that you have picked.

It’s almost like in Peter Pan where they have to find happy thoughts that are stronger than their fear of flying.  We can use positive reprogramming to systematically do more and at the same time get more goodness in our lives by finding joy in the little things.

So next time you’re doing something you hate or that you have to do or that you want to do (whichever the case may be)… try to find something you enjoy about it so you can get some goodness from it.




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