Useful Links to Free Applications you can Download

If you don’t have the funds to buy originals and don’t want to use pirate copies here are some free software and/or free software alternatives that you can use legally.  The extra bonus is that downloading most of these programs won’t eat your bandwidth because they are small or compressed.  If you don’t have a decompression utility be sure to download one of those first.  Enjoy!

Please note:  All of these apps are free to download.  Some may however require you to register for a serial at some stage, be sure to read the instructions on the download site.

avast antivirus – free home system protection

OpenOffice – free alternative to Microsoft Office, includes all the same kind of applications

Windows Live Writer – blog writing utility that allows you to write offline and publish directly to your blog

adobe acrobat – create/read .pdf files, ebooks, etc.

winamp media player – the best mp3 player in the game

Apple itunes – for easy music file management (and no, you don’t need to have an ipod in order to use it, it works like any other music application on your PC)

Apple Quicktime – free QuickTime movie player

realPlayer – great for downloading and watching internet clips and movies.  Also has a basic video editor included.

VideoLan (VLC) Media Player –  your one stop movie and series player, especially convenient if you have various video files that won’t open in other media players

skype – for free voice and video calls, chatting and messaging via the internet

dvdfab – hassle free DVD ripping software

WinRAR Archiver – for compressing and decompressing files

WinZip – the world’s leading zipping and unzipping utility, also deals with encryptions and file compression

WinACE – better with compression that even WinZip, it’s the one you want if archives are your main concern.

Cinefx – advanced editor that lets you playback, edit, encode, animate and add visual effects.  Not recommended for amateurs.

MEF Music Editor Free – music editor and software tool

Mozilla Firefox – Free, fast, customizable browser

Mozilla Thunderbird – Free email utility, fast and efficient alternative to Microsoft Outlook

Opera 10.50 – Free superfast web browser with home page featuring multiple access windows in the same tab, site also contains smaller browser utilities for phones and small electronics

Ubuntu – Free Linux Operating System that can be used as an alternative to Windows.  It can even operate as a server.  Includes applications and services.

Knoppix – Linux system that runs from a disc without requiring installation.  Ideal for when Windows crashes or for temporary use if you simply want to experience a Linux system without having to delete your Windows Operating system.


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