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I’m probably going to be crucified for this but here goes…  I have a serious problem with the local South African magazine – The Big Issue.

For those who are not from around here I’ll summarise – The Big Issue was a charity work of sorts.  It started off with wonderful intentions and is now paving the way to our own personal driving hell.  The purpose was to help the homeless and the jobless generate money via magazine sales.  They sell the magazines to everyday people and retain a portion of the income for themselves.  The magazine itself was also written by and contributed to by the locals.

What started off as a small project in aid of the local community sky-rocketed.  Probably because we have so many homeless and jobless people around here.  (As well as crime, corruption, brutal murders, AIDS, aids-orphans and beggars.  All things that our darling el presidantè would like to pretend doesn’t exist).

On a regular day in our lovely suburbs you will have the joy of encountering one at every traffic light and most stop streets that you come across.  Around here the general policy for survival is either to a) buy one and display it on your dashboard in the hopes that they won’t harass you till the next issue is released or b) to wind up your car window when you see a red light and then pretend to be looking for something on your car floor thus conveniently avoiding eye-contact.  Tonight I had the good luck of encountering three at the same traffic light.  Lucky lucky me.

They are in all honesty a pain in the @ss.  The giant haemorrhoid of drivers everywhere.  I don’t care how useful some may think this is.  If you happen to be one of those people labouring under that delusion then it gives me great sorrow to have to inform you that you are more than just a little retarded.

It is my opinion that it should be illegal for them and all the other vendors stalking the crossroads to sell us these magazines and other paraphernalia in such an unsolicited manner.  It is badly organised and frankly the magazine is crap with articles less useful than a squadron of little blue flying elephants.  Furthermore the price has increased so much that you can buy a decent magazine off the rack for the same money.

Big Issue vendors are nothing but glorified beggars who are doing the planet a tremendous injustice by wasting trees to print their nonsense on.  Of all the times I have been blackmailed or guilt tripped into buying one I haven’t been able to find anything that I enjoyed reading.  I’d rather see the people involved in this save the money and time of everyone and create a fund instead to which money can be transferred by those that want to help so they can set up a community college and these vendors can learn a skill that they can use to do a job that doesn’t involve running around ruining everyone else’s driving experience.  Hell, I’d even pay to see that.


3 responses to “The Big Issue

  • Flexible New Deal

    Is this the same Big Issue as the UK one?

    I wrote an article ( ) questioning whether it actually helps homeless people or a scam. Afterall, the social business is a commercial business and not a non-profit.

    What do you think? A similar concept and set up in South Africa?

  • cinderella911

    Sounds almost exactly the same to me, I’m just wondering whether this is a global venture? I would really like to find out whether these guys are somehow affiliated with each other. Just seems like too much of a coincidence to actually be a coincidence. 🙂

  • Darkforbid

    as It go’s most Homeless help get diverted to help the housed… or to pay for the staff of homeless charities… the uk Big Issue is mostly already housed well paid people on benefits, needing more money for crack

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