On Kissing Frogs

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Image by Follow the White Bunny via Flickr

So in the fairy taleprincess meets frog; frog tells princess that he has been cursed by a witch and is really a prince; princess kisses frog; frog turns into a prince; they get married; they live happily ever after.

Let us put this in a modern perspective: princess meets frog; frog tells her that he is under the spell of an evil woman; princess kisses frog; frog turns into a prince; they start dating; they get married (maybe); after a year or two he turns back into a frog; turns out the evil woman is his mother; evil woman is now princess’ mother-in-law; princess divorces frog.

If you remember nothing else that I have said then simply remember this one thing: you can change a man’s hairstyle but you can’t change the man.

Seriously ladies, if you are under the misapprehension that you can mould a human being into your own little grown up toy for life then it is time to start facing a few facts.
1. Fact 1 – Men lie. Men lie all the time. Most of them will only tell little white lies (i.e. how your butt looks in those pants) but some of them just lie compulsively as a means to an end.

2. Fact 2 – Men will do or say almost anything if they really want to get in your pants.

3. Fact 3 – A Man will pretend to be almost anything if he really wants you – either as his girlfriend or as his wife.

4. Fact 4 – Men will never remain changed. Sooner or later they will simply have to be who they are. It is inevitable.

Is it even fair of women to expect men to change? On some level we must know that it is never going to happen. We delude ourselves because it is comfortable to do so. The bottom line is this – either you love the frog just as he is or you don’t really love the frog. If there are any “I like this frog but I would like it if…” then you merely love who you want the frog to be. So for both your sakes just face the reality of your situation and either accept him for who he is or move on.


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