Putting the ‘pro’ back in ‘productive’

We all have those days where the world is an endless black abyss. On these days (when pulling the cover over one’s head or phoning in sick seems like the only option) we have to pull as much light and energy into ourselves as we can and start doing things. It isn’t always easy because the truth of the matter is that life is constantly testing us. Without these trials and tribulations we would never grow. We would stagnate in the situations we have carved in life. We would be deprived of the wealth of emotion and experience that life has to offer.

There is a reason for the saying – “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself”. It is especially true when applied to our own states of mind. When we apply ourselves and put those minds in the right state (hence put our minds to it) we can achieve practically anything. The first step is to adopt positive attitude. It is that attitude which draws the goodness of the world towards us. Negativity draws more negativity. By adopting a positive outlook in life we open a door to increased productivity. Furthermore, it helps decrease our stress levels, thereby increasing our physical and spiritual well-being – improving our overall happiness – which in turns leads to even more positivity and greater productivity.

The bottom line is – just do it.

Whether you have been dying to start a new project, take up a sport or hobby or branch out to other fields… stop dreaming and start doing. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t start somewhere. For those who feel frustrated because life isn’t fulfilling all your desires – I would recommend that you read ‘The Alchemist‘ by Paulo Coelho. It is a magical parable addressing the need and ability to fulfill our destinies.

The world is our oyster. When we choose something, something real, and pursue it with faith and hope, then in turn “everything in the universe conspires to help you fulfill your destiny”. Feed your souls. Open your eyes. Smell the roses (unless you suffer from hay fever in which case make sure to take your tablets first…). Most importantly – get out of bed and get living.

With love,


One response to “Putting the ‘pro’ back in ‘productive’

  • rooimoer

    glad you decided to get out of bed 🙂 i like your writing style, you seem to be able to express your thoughts in a manner that’s enjoyable to read, keep going!!!

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